Visit to Botanical Garden Excellia School

When you want to define and meet specific objectives on a field tour, you need to choose the right kind of experience for students .on 12th February 2019 . Our students were very excited and energized as they were taken to an educational tour to Botanical Garden. The tour allowed them to acquire fresh perspectives based on their presence in an informal way.

Visit to the garden made the children come close to nature and learnt about ‘Diversity in living organisms, Plants.’

They visited the Turrassic Garden, Moss house Cactus house and Succulent House, fern house and were very happy to see the field of flowers. The garden perfectly epitomizes Mother Nature in its best form with the serene surroundings and rare species of plants and flowers. Students were very happy to know about the nature and its beautiful creations.

The guide incharge of the garden informed the students that their mandate is to conduct conservation, research and education. And they work to safeguard extinct and critically endangered species of plants.

It was an enriching experience for the students and teachers.