Pareeksha Par Charcha Excellia School

January 29th being a very important day for the students, teachers and parents for Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents about examination and its related stress.

There is a fear of disappointing a person such as a family members by underperforming in examinations and thus not being accepted into a tertiary institution .This fear on one side motivates the students to do well , but on the other side also creates a stress because of the thought of not achieving high grades or being rejected from ideal university because of low exam results.

As Education is the root for a nation to build and it depends on our youngsters as to how much they can build it. Keeping in consideration the Examination and its stress our students were also shown the live telecast of ‘Pareeksha Par Charcha’ so that they also get to know and get motivated by the interactive session held at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium.

The session was very helpful as the students got encouragement for their exams and could understand that there is no magic wand which could remove the stress of exams.

Instead they need to control stress in an active process as they have to take steps to limit its impact.