Asheesh Pathak
Mr.Asheesh Pathak

Known as Passionate, Disciplined Educationist& Entrepreneur-Mr.Asheesh Pathak has served in different Leading Organisations across country as Senior Leader in Apex Leadership for 23 Years before venturing into Education Sector He comes with the vision of enriching life of Student,Teachers,Professionals & Individuals by connecting Science to Day to Day life. He believes that in everything we do or see is science!! Asheesh is passionate about Hands on Experiences of Life and firmly believes in statement that “If we read we remember for few days. If we see we remember longer. But if we do we never forget!! “ To realise his dreams, he is not only Associated with us Director but also owns a consultancy firm -Vigyan Funda. He is aligned full time with EXCELLIA SCHOOL, to bring valued add not only in field of Science but to Nurture Budding Professionals in the various fields of Academic, Dramatic,Vocational &Sports. He is committed to bring the change in approach the way Society looks at Education. Holistic development is the key area not only to who can afford but also to who has fire to achieve and are willing to learn and grow. Asheesh is also associated with PURE INDIA -NGO for upliftment of society.