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Yellow Day Celebration 2018

“Shades of yellow stimulates our little ones with energy ,happiness and optimism.”
With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce the effects of yellow colour ,Pre-primary wing celebrated “yellow day” on 20th july 2018.
A day dedicated to the yellow colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favourite yellow dress but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “yellow day”.
Tiffins Filled with bananas , Custard ,mangoes ,pineapples, jelly, etc made the learning environment active.
The teachers were beaming with pride when the confident little commentators described the yellow objects with expressive and ease. They spent the day with utmost enjoyment.

Puppet Show Excellia School (2)

Puppet Show Excellia School 2018

Education is all about amalgamating studies and leisure together to create an aura of mindfulness. Excellia School organized puppet show for the students on 18/07/2018 therein the puppeteers presented fascinating acts with the puppets which kept the students spellbound. Along with playful activity they also present ate message of moral values for the students. The students had a goal time watching the puppet show. The entire programme was applauded by everyone were given gifts as a token of appreciation from school’s behalf.

Excellia School informal races (10)

Informal Races 2018

The tiny toy also had their share of experience when they showed their gusts and prowess at the races. The toddlers participated with their great zeal. Their teachers were present beside them to witness the event and to motivate them. It was a wonderful sight to see how the young ones showed the spirit of sportsmanship.

Cyber Security Workshop Excellia School 2018

The students of Excellia School were acquainted with cyber security and network security through a workshop conducted by IT facilitators Ms Anamika Tripathi on 4th july 2018. The students were explained the concept due to prevailing method of unauthorized access of data and resources. They were briefed about securing their system, phones etc with the help of passwords or login security. The scope of this workshop was to guide the students about securing their information and protected use of technology and prevent any kind of harm that could be caused to them.

Informal Races- Excellia School 2018

Excellia school conducted informal races for the students from classes 1st to IX in which the students took part enthusiastically. The conduction of the sport was done class wise. The Winners were applauded. The Principal Ms Sonia Vardhan witnessed the event and motivated the students with her words of wisdom to culminate. The seeds of sportsmanship and how it helps in grooming the overall personality of the student.

Summer Camp at Excellia School

Excellia School organized summer camp for students up till 13 years of age from 21st to 31st May 2018 respectively. There were varied activities for children to engage in that they chose as per their age and choice. The duration kept for the camp was 2 hours in which for the first hour children chose a sport activity as per their discretion and the latter hour they participated in activities which included: science, mental maths, art/craft, best out of waste, music. For the children from 2.5 years till 7 years the activities included etiquette and mannerisms, maze and puzzles , art/craft, dance and storytelling.

The zeal of the students during summer camp was contained during the concluding ceremony on 31st May. The students stood in their respective cubicles to represent their learning implementations during these ten days at summer camp. The parents were really excited to see their children come up with fruitful learning outcomes. The Principal Ms. Sonia Vardhan took round and asked all the children about the activity they were presenting. The conclusion of the program was done with an enthralling dance performance and distribution of participation certificates and Excellia logo caps with the parents leaving on a happy note and appreciating the entire program.

Students Enjoyed the Movie “Inside Out” 2018

The students should always have a time wherein they break away the monotony and enjoy some leisure time also. Hence the students of Excellia School were shown the movie “Inside Out “ on 16th May,2018 which was on the life of an eleven year old girl adjusting to the humdrums of the life in another city.

The students enjoyed the movie to the core and also understood the values one needs to follow so that adjustment could be made anywhere. The intention of showcasing such movies is to inculcate the life skills in the students to accommodate anywhere and come out with flying colours.

excellia chess summer camp


excellia chess summer camp

Excellia Sports Academy Presents SUPER SUMMER CHESS CAMP for Students 5yr and Above
By coach RAVI SHANKAR (winner 1st imperia all india fide rating 2k14)

Who can Join:
Anyone 5yr & Above

What you learn:
*Chess Tactics
*Analyzing the Board Correctly
*Art of Attack/Defence
*Opening, Middle & End Game
*Plan & Execute your Strategy

Available Seats:

Registration Fee:
INR 5000/-Rs



Excellia School,
Inside Omax City, Opp. Ambedkar University, Raebareli Road,

Organ donation is a (3)

Organ Donation Workshop 2018

Organ donation is a “testimony of love for our neighbor.”-Pope Francis

A workshop on Organ Donation was conducted for the students of Grade I to IX in the Excellia School on the 11th of May,2018 by Mrs. Deepa Singh. In this workshop emphasis was laid on the significance of organ donation in saving lives.

The students were made aware about live donation and Cadaver donations. They were also communicated about organs which can be donated like Heart, Kidney, Lungs,Liver and Eyes(Cornea) .In the session procedures of organ donation were also covered.

The students were explained concept of brain death, Donor Vs Recipient ,Organ Donation Vs Body donation and the reasons for shortage of organ donors in a simplified manner.

The students were inquisitive about the reasons for lesser number of organ donation .They also asked numerous questions on the role play of state government and the steps taken to increase the count of Organ Donation.
The Teacher responded to all their queries with ease and ensured that all their doubts were well answered , thereby making the session more interactive .

The students found the workshop very informative and appreciated the simple tools used for communication . The workshop concluded on a positive note -“Organ Donation is all about giving life to someone”

Mother’s Day Celebration 2018

“Mothers are not the ones that have never struggled they are the ones that never give up despite the struggles.”

Mothers’ day is a special day in a year which is celebrated all over the world, dedicated to all the mothers for their selfless motherhood. Mothers have a special place in the hearts of the children as they play a pivotal role in the lives of the children.

Excellia School celebrated Mothers’ Day in a peculiar way to consecrate the Mothers to feel ordained by their children. The pre-primary students  welcomed their mothers with the song “Main kabhi  batlata nahi … par andhere se darta hoon main maa…” The music was heart wrenching and made to match the melody of the little voices..Their performances left everyone in amaze and everyone applauded cheerfully for these adorable toddler’s.

The students of class 1st -2nd prepared cards for their mothers and the students from classes 3rd and above prepared hand -made gifts like bracelets , jewellery boxes etc. to make their mothers feel loved.

Fun games were organised for the mothers and children in which they participated with full zest and vigour. The winners were felicitated by the Principal Mrs. Sonia Vardhan.

It was a day full of zeal and fervour and the performances by the children left an indubitable mark in everyone’s heart. Finally the programme concluded on a happy note with the distribution of snack boxes prepared with love as a token of gratitude to the mothers.