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Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you grasp that, you’ll make a difference.”

  • AriePercovici

Graduation Day is a wonderful way to end a school year. To make it .memorable,  Excellia School organised Graduation day ceremony for the young and enthusiastic learners of pre-primary on 16th March 2019. The occasion was graced by Mr. D S Pathak, chairman of the school, Director Mr. Asheesh Pathak, Principal Ms Sonia Vardhan and General Manager Mr. Shekhar Varshney. The program commenced by lamp lighting the students presented Saraswati Vandana to evoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.

After this the students presented a melodious song presentation that left everyone spell bound which was followed by students presenting self-introduction. Students of class nursery presented an enthralling dance performance and mesmerised everyone which was again followed by students of KG presenting self-introduction. The Director Mr. Asheesh Pathak presented a speech in front of everyone and instilled a few words to imbibe the feeling of self-motivation in the children.

The concluding ceremony with a foot tapping numbers by the school rock band left everyone asking for more. The students were distributed report cards from their respective classes with a box of snack box to mark their last academic day of the session on a happy note.

Picnic at Kalindi Park – Excellia School

A picnic may well be metaphor for life. Kalindi Park on 23rd February, 2019 .The picnic began with the kids clapping and singing songs in the bus. They played games, danced, sang and had their favorite’s snacks on the lush green lawns of the park. The little ones thoroughly enjoyed the day and their excitement thoroughly enjoyed the day and their excitement continued even after they returned from picnic.

Excellian Idol

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm and a variety of vocal techniques. On 16th February 2019 Excellia School organized Excellian Idol in which the students gave a solo singing performance. Each child depicted great enthusiasm and gave a lively performance. Their voices filled in positive and acceptable outlet for their emotions in them. Participation is always important than winning, our winners of the junior group are: Shravya of class 1 holds the first position and Ishika of class 2 holds the second position. Our winners of the primary group are Swarna of class 4 holds the first position, Prachi of class 6 holds the second position. Also our winners of the senior group are: Shuja of class 8 holds the first position and Suyash of class 7 holds the second position.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Visit to Botanical Garden Excellia School

When you want to define and meet specific objectives on a field tour, you need to choose the right kind of experience for students .on 12th February 2019 . Our students were very excited and energized as they were taken to an educational tour to Botanical Garden. The tour allowed them to acquire fresh perspectives based on their presence in an informal way.

Visit to the garden made the children come close to nature and learnt about ‘Diversity in living organisms, Plants.’

They visited the Turrassic Garden, Moss house Cactus house and Succulent House, fern house and were very happy to see the field of flowers. The garden perfectly epitomizes Mother Nature in its best form with the serene surroundings and rare species of plants and flowers. Students were very happy to know about the nature and its beautiful creations.

The guide incharge of the garden informed the students that their mandate is to conduct conservation, research and education. And they work to safeguard extinct and critically endangered species of plants.

It was an enriching experience for the students and teachers.

Interschool Taekwondo Championship at Excellia

Excellia School organized two days Interschool taekwondo Championship on 9th and 10th February 2019 respectively.18 schools and 200 participants awarmed the event and showcased their skills. The Chairman Mr.D.S. Pathak, Director Mr.Asheesh Pathak, Principal Mrs. Sonia Vardhan welcomed the Chief Guests Mr.Parvez Khan who is a renowned International Player and trainer, Mr.Nadeem Khan who is also a known National Level Player and Referee and Mr.Rizwan, Secretary of  Lucknow  Taekwondo Association.

The Championship was bolstered up with energy as the participants shed their sweat and energies to bag the gold.

The conclusion of the event was done on 10th February, by conferring the medals and certificates to the contenders.

Road Safety – Excellia School 2019

It is necessary for everyone to be aware of traffic signs and road rules.

Traffic rules can give you important information that can ensure your safety and safety of those around you and awareness of road rules can lower chances of accidents.

Keeping in consideration the safety of the children, the students were briefed about the road safety rules through a short assembly conducted by teachers.

Road safety rules are a pivotal bit of knowledge for automobile user, especially in a country like ours.

Kite decoration competition

Excellia School conducted Kite flying and Kite decoration competition on 2nd February 2019.The students of classes’ I-III decked the kites beautifully with decorative materials whilst the students from Class IV-IX assembled in the ground and soared their kites high in the Sky. The Moral was to teach the students to break the bond of fear for education and soar to the pinnacle of success.

Each student enjoyed to the core and shoved each other’s kite to emerge the winner.

Fitness Day – Fun and Physical Exercise at Excellia School

Strength does not come from physical capacity .It come from an indomitable will.


As the 2018-2019 School year is winding down, students and teachers of pre-primary wing enjoyed a day of fun and physical exercise at Excellia School on 30th January, 2019 Wednesday. The activities planned helped the students associate exercise with a variety of health related fitness components such as yoga, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

Pareeksha Par Charcha Excellia School

January 29th being a very important day for the students, teachers and parents for Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents about examination and its related stress.

There is a fear of disappointing a person such as a family members by underperforming in examinations and thus not being accepted into a tertiary institution .This fear on one side motivates the students to do well , but on the other side also creates a stress because of the thought of not achieving high grades or being rejected from ideal university because of low exam results.

As Education is the root for a nation to build and it depends on our youngsters as to how much they can build it. Keeping in consideration the Examination and its stress our students were also shown the live telecast of ‘Pareeksha Par Charcha’ so that they also get to know and get motivated by the interactive session held at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium.

The session was very helpful as the students got encouragement for their exams and could understand that there is no magic wand which could remove the stress of exams.

Instead they need to control stress in an active process as they have to take steps to limit its impact.

Event of S.G.P.G.I MS held at ‘Farm Fresh’

There are a variety of events that are being done by our students. But this event differs in nature especially in terms of activities and programs. We feel lucky to be called up by the Thallassemic India Society, Lucknow on 27th January,2019 which works for the Thallassemic Patients at S.G.P.G.I MS. Our students took up the responsibility to make the patients feel special. Excellia School students performed multifarious activities like skit, band performance and dance presentation which appealed the audience and was appreciated by everyone. They were felicitated with certificates for becoming a part of the event organized by the Thallassemic India Society.

Republic Day Celebration 2019

The 70th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Excellia School on 26th January 2019.The students and the staff saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour, integrity and diversity. The Choir group presented the patriotic song “Priya Dhara yah Bharati.” The director Mr. Asheesh Pathak unfualed the tricolour that was followed by the national Anthem. The Principal Mrs. Sonia Vardhan congratulated the Staff and students on this auspicious day. The program concluded on a happy note by the distribution of sweets to the students.

Smt.A.D.Pathak memorial open Excellia Chess Championship 2019.

2nd Smt.A.D.Pathak Memorial Open Excellia Chess Championship 2019

“Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions.”      

                                                                                                   –Garry Kasparov

 5th January and 6th January 2019 marked another dimension in Excellia School when the school organized 2 nd Smt.A.D.Pathak memorial open Excellia Chess Championship 2019..

Chess Enthusiasts from all corners of the city participated in the two day tournament. Participants from various age categories presented their best moves. The conclusion of the event was done on 6th January evening and the winners were declared.
First 15 Winners for Open Category
1st-Prithvi Singh
2nd-Pawan Batham
3rd-Ravi Shankar
5th-Shahi Kumar Soni
6th-Medhansh Saxena
7th-David yung
8th-A Vamsi Krishna
9th-Arjun Singh
10th-Sunil Kumar
11th-Prem Singh Mehta
12th-Mayank Pandey
13th-Sudhir Kumar Verma
14th-Tanishq Gupta
15th-Aman Agarwal
   Winners for age group Under 7 Girls
1st– Lekhya Kishore Singh
   Winners for age group Under 7 Boys
1st-Aryan Sadhwani
2nd-Shaurya Pratap Singh
3rd– Kushagra Kishore Singh
   Winners for age group Under 9 Girls
1st-Saanvi Agarwal
  Winners for age group Under 9 Boys
1st-Sanyam Srivastava
2nd-Meetansh Dixit
3rd– Adhyansh Saxena
  Winners for age group Under 11 Girls
1st-Riddhima Nigam
2nd-Prisha Garg
  Winners for age group Under 11 Boys
1st-Tejasva Singh
2nd-Divyansh Pandey
3rd-Lakshya Srivastava
  Winners for age group Under 15 Girls
1st-Maitreyi Gupta
2nd-Simran Sadhwani
 Winners for age group Under 15 Boys
1st-Aditya Pant
2nd-Anshuman Nanda
3rd-Adarsh Pal
 Winners for the age group under 19 Girls
1st-Laavanya Yadav
2nd-Smriti Singh
 Winners for age group Under 19 Boys
1st-Shivansh Pandey
2nd-Bhaumik Pandey
3rd-Ayush Sahu

                                                 SCHOOL TEAM:-

1st– D.P.S Eldeco (A Vamsi Krishna, Aditya Pant, Anshuman Nanda, Adarsh Pal)
2nd– Excellia School (Medhansh Saxena, Tanishq Gupta, Divyansh Pandey, Adhyansh Saxena)
3rd-Stella Maris School(Saxena Aniket, Saksham Shukla, Mohit Raj Wadhwani, Vallabh Srivastava)
The Chairman of the School Mr.D.S.Pathak vice Chairperson Mrs.Manju Pathak felicitated the winners along with chief arbiter Mr.Raizada the Director Me. Asheesh Pathak overwhelmingly thanked the participants, their coaches, parents who patiently cooperated for the smooth conduction of the event.
Excellia School celebrated Christmas Day on 24th December 2018

Excellia School celebrated Christmas Day on 24th December 2018

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our Hearts”.Excellia School celebrated Christmas Day on 24th December 2018. Special Assembly was conducted in the morning wherein the students spoke about Christmas.T he students enjoyed the gathering in the ground where Santa distributed sweets to the students. They all played carols and concluded it a fun-infused day
Annual Exhibition Event At Excellia School

Annual Exhibition Event At Excellia

16th December 2018 marked an important day at excellent
school when The Flying Sikh, Mr.Milkha Singh, Padma
Shri, along with a galaxy of intellectuals graced the annual
exhibition “Kala Utsav” and inauguration of new sports
ground named after Mr.Milkha Singh present amongst the
a host of dignitaries were Ultra Man Mr.Abhishek Mishra
, Social worker Mr.Sachin Srivastava, School’s Founder
Director Dr.M.S Tyagi, Chairman Mr.D.S Pathak, Vice
chairman Mrs.Manju Pathak, Director Mr. Asheesh Pathak
& Mrs. Shalini Pathak, Principal Mrs. Sonia Vardhan
General manager Mr.Shekhar Varshney and advisor Mr.
Praveen Pandey.
Mr.Milkha Singh applauded to the effort put in by the
students to take the exhibition to another level. Every
class chose a different theme for the exhibition and
displayed various caricatures and artifacts as per their
themes. Post inaugurating the sports ground Mr.Milkha
Singh addressed the students of the school with the
motivational speech. Hordes of people thronged to have
a glimpse of Mr.Milkha Singh.
Skill-Writting-in-Excellia-School-Lucknow (4)

“Prep My Skills” Workshop

Excellia School organized a workshop for the Teacher’s based on “Prep My Skills” on 29th November 2018. The purpose for organizing the workshop was to induce innovative ways for inculcating values, positive attitudes, respect and compassion in the students. The teachers were also acquainted with various means and ways to deviate the children from using too much of gadgets into fruitful learning.

Valmiki Jayanti

Valmiki Jayanti

Morning assembly is a powerful way to instill discipline and
also sets a joyful and focused tone for the day. The students are
able to understand a big picture of their learning and school life.
Pargat Divas or Valmiki Jayanti is an Annual Indian Festival
celebrated to commemorate the birth of the ancient Poet and
philosopher Valmiki Ji.
So the students of class IV took the initiative to share few
thoughts about the great poet. The students could understand
that if they want to hold a standing position in life then they
need to be dedicated towards their goal. Students were inspired
by his great works and got motivated to do good in life.

Dussehra Celebration 2018

India is known as a land of festivals and celebrations. ‘Dussehra is one of them which has been unique in its perception and significance. Students of Excellia celebrated Dussehra in the school premises on 16.10.2018 with great enthusiasm and energy. In the morning assembly, students spoke about the significance of the festival and how it is celebrated across the country. The students also made a model of ‘Ravana’.Dandiya, a traditional dance was presented by the primary students in a graceful manner. The beautiful dance they presented with the sticks was appreciated by all. The celebration was to mark Lord Rama’s Victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil. The chairman Mr. – D.S.Pathak lit the effigy of Ravana while the students watched gleefully. Everyone was in a state of absolute bliss.
“We are proud of them” (1)

We are proud of them

Students of class V enthusiastically participated in making a chart on the Nobel Prize awardees on 10.10.2018 who contributed their efforts in inventing so many things like the phone, electricity, in the field of medical and so on for all those Things that have made our lives better and easier.
Excellia Celebrates Dan Utsav 2018 (8)

Excellia Celebrates Dan Utsav 2018

Excellia School took an initiative to gap the abridgment of communal disarray by organizing“Dan Utsav” on 6 th October 2018. The School supports the “Education of a Girl Child” and in coordination with Pure India Trust, it provides career mentoring and skill training. Pure India Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organization that has many success stories to back its origination. To name a few,  mobilization for women entrepreneurship development, housewives empowerment, helping out people with blood cancer along with many other. The School distributed jute bags to the parents that were stitched by the self-help group supported by Pure India NGO. The school collected the donations and the proceedings were directed entirely to the NGO. The Director Mr.Asheesh Pathak and Principal Mrs. Sonia Vardhan appreciated the gesture of the parents who donated wholeheartedly to uplift the conditions of underprivileged children.
Excellia School in coordination with Pure India Trust (NGO) (4)

Excellia School in coordination with Pure India Trust (NGO)

Excellia School in coordination with Pure India Trust (NGO) organized a career guidance workshop for its students on 7 th October’18. Mr. Prashant Paul co-founder of Pure India and Mr. Nishant Dubey also associated with the Trust were the guests of honor who facilitated the students with the right pathway to direct their career.  Pure India Trust is a charitable Organization that has many success stories attached to it. The Trust works towards upliftment of the society and contributed extensively towards mobilization for Women entrepreneurship development, child education of underprivileged students to name a few. The workshop left everyone inspired. The Director Mr. Asheesh Pathak felicitated the mentors as a token of gratitude. The principal Mrs. Sonia Vardhan presented a token of thanks to everyone in making the workshop a resounding success. The workshop concluded with the parents and the children feeling motivated.
Kiddies Paint their moods in shades of blue(2)

Kiddies Paint their moods in shades of blue

The Kindergarten section of Excellia School celebrated Blue Day on 5 October 2018. It was a pleasant and a cool blue day for the tiny tots. The significance of blue color was reiterated through a series of activities. The dress code of the day was blue. Excitement and enthusiasm were visible everywhere. All the children came dressed up in different shades and hues of blue.
“Blue – the color of loyalty, strength wisdom and truth had a very positive impact on tiny tots. Blue Day was an amazing learning experience which had a long-lasting effect on each student. Early identification of colors helped to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words which is an important part of a child’s development.
gandhi jayant (1)

Gandhi Jayanti

As rightly said, “A man is but the products of his thoughts, What he thinks, he becomes.”To commemorate Gandhi Jayanti, Excellia School conducted a special assembly on 1 st October for the same. The children gave a speech in which they primarily spoke about the Father Of Our Nation “Gandhi ji”
He was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar India. Gandhi’s real name was Mohandas. He is called Mahatma because Mahatma means. ‘Great soul’ and was called this for his mind on the matter of Indian rights. He contributed tirelessly and selflessly in India’s freedom struggle for Independence. His ideas were Satya (truth) and ahimsa (non-violence). He was the harbinger of hope for not only India but the world. One of the profound quotes by Mahatma Gandhi was “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

hindi diwas

 हिन्दी दिवस के अवसर पर एक्सीलिया स्कूल में  “कविता पाठ ” तथा  “अनुच्छेद  लेखन” प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया । इस प्रतियोगिता में सभी वर्ग के छात्र – छात्राओं ने बढ़ चढ़ कर हिस्सा लिया । कक्षा एक से चार तक के विध्यर्थियों ने कविता का पाठ किया तथा कक्षा पांच से नौ तक के विध्यर्थियों ने दिये गये शीर्षकों पर अनुच्छेद लिखकर अपने लेखन कौशल का प्रदर्शन किया।
सभी कार्यक्रमों के साथ हिन्दी दिवस बड़े ही उत्साह से मनाया  गया ।

Plantation Drive By Excellia School 2018

Plantation Drive By Excellia School 2018

 “Protecting our environment is the need of the our”A plantation drive was organized at Excellia School for the students of Pre-Primary on 20.09.18 to create awareness and spread the message of saving our earth. Our Tiny Tots planted different types of saplings inside the school campus. Children showed great enthusiasm for planting and they knew their hard work would recharge groundwater, prevent soil erosion, the forest will become dense and yield more benefits.