Excellia School | The Best CBSE School in Lucknow

Excellia school is all about teaching the students of Lucknow in the best way possible. We provide quality education services to the students that really deserve to get it. We also have the infrastructure that motivates the student of our college and gives them a feeling of a high standard education system. We aim at educating the students and give them the proper guidance that they need. We have always aimed at becoming the best CBSE school in Lucknow and we have been very good at our objective in the recent times.

These are the reasons why you should choose us:

We give an environment to grow

We have always focused on making an environment that lets every student of our school grow in the best possible way. We provide them all the facilities to let them develop their true talents and skills.

Opportunities to Prosper

We provide our students the best guidance as well as the opportunities to present themselves. We provide them a big platform to come in front of a huge audience and let them show their talent. We organize timely competitions in our school premises and send our students to inter-school competitions as well. This way, we believe that many students can find their way to their success. Not all of the students can become doctor or engineer, so we provide them all types of opportunities to let them find their field of interest. Providing our students the best opportunities has been one of the reasons why are we the best CBSE school in Lucknow.

Guidance on Most of the Aspects of Life

We guide our students about most of the different aspects of life so that they can get an idea of how the real life is. We teach them how important it is to take the right decisions at the right time. We let them know how they should react in different conditions of life.

We Teach Discipline

We believe discipline is one of the most important aspects of life. If we do not know how to be disciplined in many situations of our life, then we can put a great impact on our lives. We can lose a big opportunity knocking on our door just because of lack of discipline. So we teach our students that how important is being disciplined in our life. And we always hope to see our students achieve a big success in their lives. This is why we are called the best CBSE school in Lucknow. We are known for discipline.

Proper Etiquettes of Life

We always aim at making our students as good as possible. We teach our students how to be polite and how to behave like a professional. We prepare them well to enter the world of business and surroundings of professionals.


While focusing on being a professional and teaching all the aspects of life to our students, we never forget our own traditions. We always teach our students to be traditional and never forget the moral values taught by our parents. For this, we daily have the routine of morning assemblies. So that our students always remember their traditional values.

 We have the following standard classes in our school: Playgroup, Nursery-KG, Class I-III, Class IV-VIII, and Class IX

With all such qualities of us, we are called the best CBSE school in Lucknow.